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Various reviews and publications from Klems productions

"It all combines to an uproarious two hours that speaks volumes of the Haberdasher Theatre Company’s potential, especially under Klem’s directorial helm."- The Martin Report

“The cast is strong, the costumes are impressive, and the sweet charm of Klem's direction production is infectious.” - The Funny Feminist

"Hollie Klem’s choice of modern music was fantastic."-The Arts Wire

"Directed by Hollie Klem, The Maderati explores what it really means to be an artist and, certainly more importantly, what it means to be "a good person.""- Theatre Mainia/ Off-Off Broadway Section

“…I am always grateful when a production's objective is as much about audience enjoyment as it is about artist satisfaction. There is a clear appreciation for the audience, and that spirit is always worth celebrating.” - Theatre Is Easy  (2012)

"Their (the characters) childlike quirks represent something deeper and universal about the human experience" Lady T Online Publications

National Press: The Baum Bugle

The Wonderful Remix Of Oz

Brian Ferry March 2012



"Directed by Hollie Elizabeth Klem, this adaptation proved to be a delightful, fun production with an exuberant and lively cast, and outstanding costume and make-up design"

It’s always risky to do an adaptation of a great classic. Haberdasher’s version (under Klems direction) adds some great twists to the story that work well.- NY Theatre

" A sudden tornado and nightmare sequence propelled Dorothy to Oz (this was very imaginatively produced in a style reminiscent of kabuki theatre.)...highly entertaining performance" - DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY

"...adapted and directed by Hollie Elizabeth Klem, playfully interprets this classic story...Though this production is geared toward adults, There were a few kids in the audience the night I attended, and their rapt attention and laughter made the case for universal appeal." Theatre Is Easy (2013)